O (Omicron) by Romain Tardy & Thomas Vaquié








directed by Romain Tardy & Thomas Vaquié 

Music composed by Thomas Vaquié

Filmed by Jerome Monnot, Joanie Lemercier, Romain Tardy




Wroclaw, Poland


image © antivj


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O (Omicron) is my first permanent installation installation using architectural projection. It has been designed for the new museum of architecture of Hala Stulecia, in Wroclaw, Poland. The piece is actually the last part of the visit, and a way to create a link between the rich history of the building and the present times, by turning this massive concrete structure into a lively architecture.

When opened, Hala Stulecia was the largest reinforced concrete structure in the world. With a diameter of 65m it was home to the largest dome built since the Pantheon in Rome eighteen centuries earlier.
The Centennial Hall was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2006.

It is reasonable to think that when Hala Stulecia was built in 1913 Max Berg’s ambition for his construction was to pass the test of time. What could have been his vision of the monument in the distant future? How did he imagine the olding of the materials? The evolution of the surrounding urbanism and populations?

from: Romain Tardy

ANTIVJ is a visual label initiated by European-based artists whose work is focused on the use of projected light and its influence on our perception.
Clearly stepping away from standard setups & techniques, Antivj artists create immersive installations and live performances that challenge the audience's senses.
Antivj was originally created by Yannick Jacquet, Joanie Lemercier, Olivier Ratsi and Romain Tardy around 2006. 
Thomas Vaquié has been composing music for most projects since 2008, with visual artist/creative coder Simon Geilfus joining in in 2009.
The label was co-directed by Joanie Lemercier and Nicolas Boritch until 2010, and is since then being managed by Nicolas Boritch.

from: antivj