The Apple Orchard by White Arkitekter



White Arkitekter




Gothenburg, Sweden


image © Kalle Sanner,  Hans Wretling




Äppelträdgården (the Apple Orchard) is a successful example of the compactness that is often sought in the public debate. The neighbourhood is located close to the Frölunda Square shopping area in the west of Gothenburg. A previously monotonous suburban development is being offered a green complement. Gardens and homes in atrium buildings are mixed in a compact alley containing very high quality housing, private patio areas and communal spaces.

The process began with the question of how to create an attractive, highly desirable home on a plot with no identity. The location in question was a car park.

Äppelträdgården is the result of a successful collaborative venture between White and F O Peterson. White acted as both architect and client. The holistic concept means that, for this project, we have put architecture and long-term running costs ahead of short-term economics. Because of our extended responsibilities, we are learning more about process, economics and market - all to the great benefit of our customers in other architectural commissions.

In June 2011, residents moved into the first phase which comprises seven freehold two-storey atrium terraced homes and twelve rented terraced homes. In total, approx 75 homes have been planned, in two phases.

One of the fundamental qualities is the contact the homes have with the garden. We have created a house that "converses" with lower floors being open, showing life in a safe outdoor environment around the buildings which also contributes to an increased sense of security in the neighbourhood.

A variation in colour on the atrium homes produces an impression of individualism. Façade and roof are covered with fibre cement sheets that have a nice appearance and protect against wind and weather.

The buildings maintain a high sustainability profile and have been environmentally classified in compliance with the standards of ”Miljöbyggnad”, the Swedish environmental building classification system.

from: White Arkitekter