Rachel Bellinsky


Rachel Bellinsky


2012 - 2013


image © Rachel Bellinsky




Rachel Bellinsky is a graphic designer and photographer originally from Las Vegas. Her photography is a mix of documentation and surreal interpretation, with a focus on scenes from suburbia and the animals that dwell there. She has published a book of animal portraits, Tails from the Fishbowl, and is featured in San Diego Unseen, An Urban Portrait. Rachel currently lives in San Diego, California.

"On mornings when the marine layer is thick, and late afternoons when the shadows are long, I take my dog and camera and go on an expedition. I hunt for things that grow and things that rust. The threadbare, the splintering and the newly sprouted. Creatures of any kind. Weeded old lots and weathered houses. San Diego is so much more than beaches and sunshine."

from: Rachel Bellinsky