not wonder store by Reiichi Ikeda



Reiichi Ikeda




Osaka-city, Osaka, Japan


images © Yoshiro Masuda




This is an interior design for a clothing store and an atelier of the fashion brand "wonderland" in Osaka, Japan.

On my first visit, what made me feel as if it is outside even though there was the ceiling was that there wasn’t an entrance to define the border.

I made it a point to keep this strange and unique feeling, and tried making new interiors.

I mean that I did not simply change the interior design to a radically new one, but I maximized the effect of the existing elements.

People very differently picture a world behind a closed door.

So, by setting up an entrance at the unimagined point, I expected a favorable effect on the “shift of the  border”.

The area made by the shift of the border gets you a bit confused, and you will lose the idea where you are, in or out.

As a result, you find yourself coming in the shop.

from: Reiichi Ikeda