Kaggeboda house by Kolman Boye


Kolman Boye




Norrtälje, Sweden


image © Kolman Boye Architects


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Not very far from Stockholm, close to the summer town of Norrtälje, situated among innumerable traditional Swedish summer cottages and pine trees, lays three small deep brown houses of different sizes.

Built on a common deck acting as a massive plinth, rising out of the moss clad grey granite, these three minuscule buildings placed close together make up a summer hideout, the deck flowing in-between them acting as an inhabitable fourth room.

The façade made out deep-brown phenol coated plywood, normally used for casting concrete, affixed with special screws used for fastening 
metal roofs, gives the house a certain prominent metallic harshness. Even the doors have been treated in the same way, reusing the dark-brown metal sheeting from the roof, albeit placed vertically.

In contrast to the uninviting exterior, the interior is almost white, being made almost completely out of waxed white birch plywood. The velvet texture of the veneer attracts light let in through the cut-outs in the walls. Utmost care has been taken to make all joints align. Down to the very frames of the electric outlets, everything has been specially designed to be made out of a single material.

from: Kolman Boye