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near, 10335, Blue June, 2011

near, 10335, Blue June, 2011


katrin koenning


2008 - 2013


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One morning in 2005 I woke and, with a sudden immediacy, feared the fragility of things. What if tomorrow someone close died? I needed to hold on and photograph those transient moments of intimacy shared only between us, yet common to most. I needed to investigate what is close, and to explore the complexities and challenges of love and belonging. Was there such a thing as family identity? That morning, Near was born - it is an ongoing portrait of my family.

Our story is commmon to the 21st century - we're spread across four countries and three continents. We are animators, architects, engineers, social workers, therapists, carpenters, filmmakers and dreamers. Together, we've come through cancer and suicide.

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