Carcass by Roxy Paine


Roxy Paine




Kavi Gupta gallery, Chicago/Berlin


image © Joseph Rynkiewicz


Roxy Paine - kavigupta


Paine transforms the environments on display by using the diorama's traditional experience as a tool to create a contemplative experience where what we see behind the glass transitions between being real and being a mere shell of something real. These dioramas are not intended to be specific or accurate replicas, but merely gestures of their real life inspirations. As Paine himself states; "they are translations from one visual language to another". The environments ask the viewer's to consider their pre-conceived knowledge of the mechanics and functions of a fast food restaurant and that of a control room, as well as open up to the possibility of how this knowledge can, and will, change through time and context. 

from: kavi gupta gallery