Shade by Michael Johansson



Michael Johansson




Installation view: Galleri Andersson/Sandström, Stockholm (SE)


image © Michael Johansson


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Visually confined playfulness characterizes the art of Michael Johansson, an installation artist obsessed with the investigation of spatial possibilities. Everyday objects are dismantled, re-organized and perfectly arranged into color-coordinated puzzles, filling out select voids of any dimension.

Objects tend to be defined and regarded by the context in which they are positioned. As such, a commonplace object can be rendered invaluable or worthless, functional or useless, dependent entirely upon its placement. In the art of Michael Johansson, objects are disassociated from their original purpose and opened up for new readings. By freeing them from their primary function and combining them by the hundreds, he presents us before riddles with a labyrinth of answers. In the presence of his work, we experience the everyday object in a new light, or perhaps even notice it at all for the very first time.

from:  Galleri Andersson/Sandström