Midday Traffic Time Collapsed and Reorganized by Color by Cy Kuckenbaker


Cy Kuckenbaker




San Diego, USA 


image © Cy Kuckenbaker


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Finally! It’s done. In this new video I took a four minute shot of state highway 163, which is San Diego’s first freeway then removed the time between cars passing and reorganized them according to color. I was curious to see what the city’s car color palette looked like when broken down. We are a car culture after all. I was surprised that the vast majority of cars are colorless: white, gray and black. The bigger surprise though was just how many cars passed in four minutes of what looked like light traffic: 462 cars.

There are no CG elements in the video and none of the cars have been moved from their original lanes or had their speeds altered. The gaps in traffic are due to the different volumes in the lanes.

from: Cy Kuckenbaker