Casa Entremuros by RCR Arquitectes


RCR Arquitectos




 Olot, Girona, Spain


image © Hisao Suzuki


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The limitations imposed by the Fine Arts and Monuments Council only concerned the conservation of the main façade on the entrance side overlooking the street.
The new project involves a single space divided over different levels and heights.
Just a few elements have been kept: the perimeter walls, except the one facing the garden, and the roof, and inside the enormous empty space is linked by “invisible stairways”.

The new wall facing the garden opens fully like a gigantic designed frame. Returning to the theatrical metaphor, this wall acts like a big screen that opens towards the stage, revealing the interiors of the house, the real theatrical scene. The openings are very large: the wings are more than five meters tall, but the frame profiles are extremely slender (just three centimetres). Space is left for the transparent glass, but with sufficient rigidity to support and easily move these large and heavy wings. The tubular profiles that are used for the fixed and mobile frames are galvanised steel, which means that a wide range of finishes can be chosen from, and in this case untreated stainless steel was the ultimate choice.

from: acciaioartearchitettura