Point Cloud by James Leng


Point Cloud is an attempt to reimagine our daily interaction with weather data.

The project’s ambitions are two-fold - first and foremost it seeks to meditate on the transmutation of digital data back into analog movement. In the current prototype, the speed, smoothness, and direction of rotation are modulated to interpret a live feed of weather data. Instead of displaying static values of temperature, humidity, or precipitation, Point Cloud performs the data, dynamically shifting between stability and turbulence, expansion and contraction. It re-introduces weather conditions as a permanently variable state, and creates a visceral experience in our interactions with weather. 

The second aspiration of the project is an attempt to conceptually mime the structural complexity of meteorological systems - wherein predictable elements converge into unpredictable or unexpected outcomes.  

from: triangulationblog.com


James Leng




image © James Leng


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