Symphonie Cinétique - The Poetry of Motion by Made

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Film by: Matthias Maercks




image © joachim sauter


vimeo - made


Symphonie Cinétique – The Poetry of Motion is a kinetic com­po­sition that exploits the poetic synergy of music and mecha­nical mo­tion in a space. It was con­ceived in an in­tense colla­­bo­ration between Ice­landic musi­cian Ólafur Arnalds and Joachim Sauter in the MADE Space Berlin. Symphonie Cinétique brings together five kinetic works that have been deve­loped over the last five years at ART+COM. The installations in the exhibition are proto­types of large kinetic artworks that were realised in this period. For every of these Prototypes Olafur Arnalds developed a musical- or sound theme.

from: joachim sauter

MADE is a creative platform for artists from various fields, located in the heart of Berlin.
It can be a gallery, a workspace, a studio, a stage, a laboratory, or a performance space – but most of all, it is a venue for interdisciplinary projects that invites artists to step out of their artistic routines.
The goal of MADE is to enable a new kind of creative work by bringing together different artistic fields and offering a workspace and an inspiring biotope that allows new things to happen.
MADE was founded in early 2010 by German contemporary artist tadiROCK, her partner Nico Zeh and ABSOLUT Vodka, a visionary brand that fosters creative collaborations for over 30 years.

from: made