Hanil Visitors Center & Guest House by BCHO Architects




BCHO Architects




Chungbuk, Korea


image © Yong Gwan Kim


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The Purpose of this project is to educate visitors about the potential for recycling concrete. In Korea concrete is one of the primary building materials so it is imperative that we begin to re-use, the otherwise wasted, concrete as buildings come down and are replaced. The Information Center is an example of how to re use this material in different types of construction, casting formwork types as well as re-casting techniques. Concrete has been broken and recast in various materials creating both translucent and opaque tiles. The displays will continue to evolve and change at the Information Center as new techniques are developed. The gabion wall and fabric formed concrete which constitute the main façades of the building, was erected first, and the concrete left over from it was recycled in the gabion cages, on the rooftop for insulation from sun, and as a landscape material at the street and around the factory.

from: BCHO Architects