Loblolly House by KieranTimberlake



Kieran Timberlake




Chesapeake Bay, Maryland,USA


image © Peter Aaron 


Peter Aaron - vimeobuildingcentre


Loblolly House proposes a new, more efficient method of building through the use of building information modeling (BIM) and integrated component assemblies. The thousands of parts, which make up a building are collapsed into a few dozen off-site fabricated assemblies that are simply attached to an industrial aluminium frame on-site.
The frame, comprised of Bosch Rexroth aluminium framing, is bolted together as opposed to welded, creating a structural system for the house which can be disassembled without affecting the capacity of beam and column components to be reconnected. The bolted scaffold serves as a frame into which off-site fabricated kitchen, bathroom and mechanical blocks, and floor and wall cartridges are inserted without the use of permanent fasteners or wet connections. Upon disassembly cartridges and blocks are removed as whole units and column/beam scaffold sections are unbolted.

from: The Building Centre