NHDK by Victor Enrich



Victor Enrich




NH Deutscher Kaiser Hotel, Munich, Germany


image © Victor Enrich


vimeoVictor Enrich


It’s been 7 months working full time in this new project after a long pause that was lasting since summer 2012.
Evidently, I got somehow exhausted of the hard and solitary work and I needed a bot more of human contact.
During that pause mainly I’ve been experimenting new forms of life, far from the cities. I somehow found out that, in order to keep on being fascinated by the urban form, I had to stay away from any city for some period.
The experiment in the countryside has become one of my most valuable periods in my life. I’ve got to know very interesting intentional communities that strive for a better life style, in communion with our planet earth’s needs. Undoubtedly, my consciousness about all the subjects that involve ecology, human kind and self improvement has evolved to a expanded level.
Now, I see people and things as part of cycles, not as only individual, separated parts, as I probably did before.
In any case, the energy I lost in 2012 came back with a bunch of new ideas willing to put them into practice.
So it was time to seek into the wide archive of pictures that I did recently and check out the my notebook of ideas and see if I could work out something.
After some time meditating about it all, I decided to pick up a picture I did in the city of Munich. A picture showing the NH Deutscher Kaiser hotel located near the central train station.
The Hotel gives its name to the project: “NHDK”.
The initial idea was to simply deform the building in one particular way, but as long as I was tracing the 3d volume of the scene, the idea evolved until what we can see today: a set of 88 pictures.

from: Victor Enrich