Two Women by Bill Viola



Bill Viola

Performers: Pam Blackwell and Weba Garretson




image © Color High-Definition video on plasma display mounted on wall 
Photo: Kira Perov


vimeo -  urbanvideoproject


Two Women is part of an extended body of work titled the Transfigurations series. Inspired by his interest in the Buddhist idea of death as a passage to rebirth, Viola has filmed actors drenched in water and consumed by fire. In Viola’s slow motion world the viewer senses not only the destructive and violent power of the elements but their transformative and cathartic power as well. For Two Women the artist created a physical apparatus in his studio that allows the two actors to effortlessly pass through a wall of water. Viola is known for using a minimum of digital effects. The real time for this performance is only moments but the finished video is nine minutes long, allowing viewers time to savor the beauty of the moving water, light, and figures.

from: urbanvideoproject