Stainless by Adam Magyar

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Adam Magyar




Shinjuku station, japan


image © Adam Magyar


Adam Magyar - vimeo


Stainless is part of Magyar’s larger project of using sophisticated recording technologies to explore the flow of time and life through urban landscapes and the people that inhabit them. Shot in black and white using a high speed camera, Stainless stretches the 12 seconds it takes a subway train to arrive into 8 minutes, showing us a world of slowed down motion and candid portraiture: people waiting on a subway platform, caught in a liminal zone between the A and B of everyday life, their small gestures and facial expressions by turns bored, tired, engrossed in thought and expectant. The title refers to the stainless steel from which subway train cars are made, a material that is resistant to corrosion but not altogether impervious. Like the material, these portraits convey both the strength and vulnerability of the subjects.

from: urbanvideoproject

original footage: 11min. 11sec. 720p 50fps