The Soniferous Æther by Charles Stankievech



Director: Charles Stankievech




Ellesmere Island, Canada


image © Charles Stankievech





The most recent project of Berlin based artist Charles Stankievech presents us with a 35 mm film installation which reimagines Northern Canadian landscape and its relationship to military infrastructure and the architecture of remote outposts. The time-lapse footage is accompanied by a highly effective soundtrack scored by the artist himself. The footage for the project, The Soniferous Æther of The Land Beyond The Land Beyond, was shot by Stankievech while at the CFS ALERT Signals Intelligence Station - the northern-most settlement on earth that remains populated year round. The Station was built on Ellesmere Island, Nunavut in the 1950’s, and has a complex military history with the station having been used throughout the cold war as surveillance for Russian communications. Today it is a Canadian operation with about 200 inhabitants at any given time. The name of the project plays with a phrase describing the region in the Inuit language Inukitut, which translates to “The Land Beyond the Land of the People”. Filmed during the winter months, the station is shrouded in darkness, with inhabitants taking refuge from temperatures reaching -50 degrees celsius. 

from: artandsciencejournal