Suspense by Sophia Chang




Sophia Chang




invivia gallery – 1684 massachusetts avenue, cambridge MA, USA


image © anita kan





We live in a world that is increasingly composed of coded spaces. Most of these are behind the glass of our phones, tablets, and laptop computers; separated from the physical world in which we live which makes full use of our spatial knowledge and body's senses. The loss of knowledge associated with this shift towards visually occupied environments has invisibly precluded our awareness of the boundaries with which we live. Code defines boundaries through its creation of rule sets, many of which act upon us without our perceiving them, redefining our own perception of the world in which we live. 

Architecture, which works specifically with our physical and spatial ways of knowing, is uniquely positioned to bring understanding back to coded environments, to decode and restore our comprehension of our own boundaries. 

This project plays with the idea of poche. The space is coded through layers of poche, reinterpreting the space of a single family home, and concealing a hidden room. The flipping of one's perception of figure and ground - as when flipping the black and white in a drawing - creates ambiguity that hides and reveals as one decodes the space through inhabitation, observation of the projected lines of a CAD wireframe model, and interaction with others within the space.

from: sophia-chang