Jeju Ball by Kengo Kuma




Kengo Kuma




Lotte Jeju Resort, Jeju, Korea


image © Kengo Kuma


kengo kumadezeen



When I visited Jeju Island for the first time, I was so much inspired by this dark, porous volcanic rock and wanted to translate its soft and round touch into architecture. As the result, the entire house emerged as a round black stone. From distance, the house appears like a single pebble and when you are close, you notice that many parts of the house are of the black stone.

The stone eaves should be the principal detail for this house. Our intention was the light to come through the black pebbles. Light highlights the texture of the stone, and the ambiguous roof edge can connect the roof with the ground. The detail, placing the black stone on a steel mesh, enabled us to realize such vague and subtle edge. What determines the landscape of Jeju is this blackness and porousness. So we sublimated its feel in a scale of a house.

from: Kengo Kuma