Primary Substation by Nord Architecture




Nord Architecture




Olympic Park, London, UK


image © Nord Architecture, Steve Bates, Andrew Lee, Anthony Charlton


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A massive volume clad with 130,000 ebony colour bricks encloses one of the two electric substations on the Olympic Park. 

The compact shape and the material used give to the building a strong authority from the material and visual point of view and reflect at the same time the internal functional concept. The brick construction technology recalls the postindustrial existing british buildings, it gives a urban character to the building. The weave of solid and empty spaces creates a succession of lights and shades which make the substation a reference point both at day and at night also allowing the natural ventilation of the cooling towers. The structure can only be accessed by technical personnel for the maintenance of the plants within. Some of the materials used include aggregates from the reuse of previous constructions. In the layers of the roof there are in particular fragments of bricks which recall the surrounding buildings and the brown colour roof creates a habitat for the living organisms facilitating biodiversity and the recycle of rain water. 

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