Apartment No. 1 by AbCT


AbCT (Architecture by Collective Terrain)




Mahallat, Iran


image © Omid Khodapanahi


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The project utilizes recycled stones to connect with local traditions in a modern, but sustainable way. The site is located in Mahallat, a small town in the center of Iran, where more than 50% of the economy is engaged in the stone cutting business. By recycling left-over stones from Mahallat’s main business, we are able to connect ourselves and the project to the unique context of the town. The energy intensive local stone cutting largely depends on fossil fuel and a huge amount of energy is used to excavate and to cut stones. We recycle these left-over stones and use them for both exterior and interior walls. In doing so, we demonstrate how an architectural solution can help us preserve precious natural resources in a creative way, and significantly reduce the cost. 

from: AbCT